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Benefits of Solar Power

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Benefits of

Solar Power

The Benefits of Solar Power

Solar Power, which is energy harnessed from the sun and then converted into either electrical or thermal energy, remains the most renewable energy source in the world. The use of solar
technologies allows the energy to be used for a wide assortment of purposes such as generating electricity to power light sources, heat water, create warmth, and many other functions for commercial, domestic, and industrial use.

Financial Benefits of Going Solar

Solar Payments vs Utility Company Payments over 25 yr span

There has never been a better time to go solar! Solar panels are very affordable for the average homeowner. Plus, depending on where you live, you might gain valuable incentives that can off-set the initial cost. Here are some of the top financial reasons why thousands of homeowners in the U.S. have chosen to go solar:

  • The ability to replace your utility bill with monthly solar payments that will eventually go away.
  • Take advantage of the current Federal Tax Credit of 26% to pay for part of the cost of your system.
  • Save up to $20,000 over the lifetime of the solar energy system.

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Solar Panels Can Increase the Value of Your Home

As solar power has become more popular, financial benefits have grown. The Department of Energy cited a study that showed prospective homeowners would pay up to $15,000 more for a home that had a solar panel system installed.
This means it’s possible for homeowners to take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit, save money on their monthly energy bill, and profit if they chose to sell their home.


Mae and Lee - Virginia


Mae and Lee, a couple from VA saved $7,665 by taking advantage of the federal solar tax credit when they purchased their solar system in 2020

Independence from Your Utility Company

Imagine breaking free of the high cost of monthly electric bills. The sun offers an endless supply of energy and is one of the Earth’s most amazing resources. Investing in solar panels for your home allows you to use the sun’s abundant resources, and allows you to gain energy independence from your utility company.

  • Allows homeowners to have more control over the energy that powers their homes.
  • No longer subject to rate increases from your utility company.

Solar power can keep you confident during a power outage. Batteries provide backup energy storage and are available to be purchased in addition to your solar system.

Payments Graphic

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Environmental Impact

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the amount of carbon dioxide being released every year is 100 times what it was 60 years ago.

Graph of the Carbon Dioxide Abundance (ppm)

Your solar system can offset the amount of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere, since it releases zero greenhouse gases. Solar power is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. right now. As more people make the switch to solar we will prevent the potentially disastrous effects of climate change by reducing CO2 emission and lowering the levels of air pollutants.
An average solar system (almost 9kw) will save over 1,500 trees, 70,000 pounds of coal, and 150 barrels of oil in its lifetime. By going solar, you can make a favorable environmental impact that will help change the world for the better. Save money on your energy bill while making a better world for future generations.


A Solar System for your home or business can vary in cost, but with the energy credits your system produces with the current government incentives, most people can switch to solar without any extra out-of-pocket expense - and many end up saving money immediately vs their current electric bill. Switching to solar has many benefits, some immediate, and some realized over the course of owning your system. These benefits include lifetime savings on your energy costs as well as reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The cost of electricity is always on the rise. When you switch to Solar, you own your own generating station. As the electric company raises their rates, your affordable Solar payment stays the same. Once your system is paid in full, you'll continue to generate electricity for your home at no cost! To see how much you can save, lifetime, click here!

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