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Arizona Solar

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Arizona Solar

The number of homeowners switching over to solar power in Arizona has been growing rapidly the last 5 years, which has allowed prices to drop 45%. Every year residents of Arizona have an average 288 days of sunlight, with it’s capital of Phoenix receiving 296 while Yuma receives a whopping 313 days. Arizona is very solar friendly with many tax opportunities that allow homeowners to save money on their solar panel system. These tax incentives and price drops have made it the perfect time to go solar. By installing solar panels on their home many residents have been able to eliminate their bill with the Arizona Public Service Company entirely, and replace it with a fixed solar loan payment that never goes up. Another thing about solar that should cut down your stress is the 25+ years solar warranties available for your system.

Sunshine in Arizona

Arizona is one of the sunniest states in the U.S. which makes it a great place to use residential solar power. The more sunlight that your system receives, the more power it is able to produce. This makes sunlight one of the biggest factors to think about when you want to lower your utility bill, since the more power your system produces the less power that you have to buy. In most parts of Arizona, there is an abundance of sunlight and this translates to lots of renewable solar energy for you and your home!

Arizona Tree Cover and Shade

When considering shade and tree cover in Arizona, it differs from neighborhood to neighborhood. While Arizona can be too hot for many kinds of trees, there are still native species that allow for shade. There are even some areas of Arizona, like the White Mountains, Flagstaff, and Show Low that have a significant amount of tree cover. Trees can really affect the success of your solar panels. If there are tall trees or big branches close to your home, it could reduce the amount of sunlight hitting your panels. The sunniest and biggest cities in Arizona are a part of the Sonoran Desert, which means that there is sparse vegetation. Fortunately for homeowners looking to go solar, that means they won’t have to worry that much about tree shading. If it is an issue, many people choose to trim or cut their trees so that they can still benefit fully from solar. Every home in Arizona is different! To get a free expert consultation on the capacity for solar on your house, call one of our Solar Specialists for a totally free examination today!

Arizona Net Metering & Power Credits

Net metering programs in Arizona are slowly getting eliminated, which can cause some difficulties for those wanting to go solar. There is a simple solution if you are not able to take advantage of a net metering program. Energy storage would allow you to store excess energy that would then be used on days with less sunlight. It would essentially work the same as net metering and you would actually have even more independence from your utility company.

There is another program that Arizona has implemented in place of a net metering program called feed-in tariff. This allows homeowners to still be able to sell their extra energy but at a lower value than net metering. Although the energy that you sell to your utility company through feed-in tariff is valued as less than the energy you sell through net metering, your excess energy is still saving money on your utility bill later on. If you don’t want to spend any more money on your solar system by purchasing an energy battery, then we recommend taking advantage of this feed-in tariff program.

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Arizona Loves Solar Power

Arizona has a tax credit of 25% available to homeowners looking to purchase a solar energy system and qualifies. This tax credit is in addition to the 26% Federal Tax Credit. They also have tax exemptions from property taxes and solar sales tax when buying your solar energy system. This allows you to increase the value of your home without having to pay for an increased home value. For an average priced home ($320,000) in Arizona property taxes are about $1,950. Now if you purchased a solar system at an average price of $16,000 your property taxes would usually rise to around $2,050, but in Arizona your property taxes don’t rise when you purchase a solar system that increases the value of your home.


Mae and Lee - Virginia


Mae and Lee, a couple from VA saved $7,665 by taking advantage of the federal solar tax credit when they purchased their solar system in 2020

The Cost of Going Solar in Arizona

Solar Installation in Arizona

There are many different factors that affect the price of your solar energy system. Tax incentives and rebates, materials, equipment, permitting, current energy consumption, etc. all play a part in calculating the total cost. We recommend working with an expert from Noble Solar to see how much it will be for your home. We can design a proposal for your home that is based on your unique situation, so that when we give you a final estimate it will be as accurate as possible. For a more general cost, according to Solar Reviews, in 2021 the average cost of a residential photovoltaic solar panel system in Arizona was $16,020 before tax credits. Every system is different though, so the price may be higher or lower depending on where you live in Arizona.

There are many ways to finance your solar system, but one of the best options is getting a solar loan. If you have a credit score of 650 or higher and earn $40,000 or more annually, you have a great chance at securing financing in Arizona at a great interest rate. We mentioned this earlier but when you partner with Noble Solar, we design a proposal for your home which includes your financing options, projected savings, and estimated monthly payments.

The solar installation process in Arizona is really simple and can be done throughout most of the year. Many people choose to stay connected to the grid because of the feed-in tariffs available, so that is something to know going into the installation. Noble Solar has a great team of professionals that are your best option for solar installation. To see if solar power is the best option for you and your home, schedule an appointment today!

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Switching to solar power in Arizona could be stress-free if you work with a caring professional like Noble Solar. To start the process, call to set up a complimentary, 5-minute initial phone appointment with one of our solar experts. We’ll go over the basic information we need to create a proposal, and answer any questions you have. We’ll also go through any of the tax incentives or promotions that are available to you and let you know which ones you would qualify for. Then we will schedule an at-home or digital (Zoom or Skype) appointment to go through your proposal and provide all of the in-depth information that you need.


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A Solar System for your home or business can vary in cost, but with the energy credits your system produces with the current government incentives, most people can switch to solar without any extra out-of-pocket expense - and many end up saving money immediately vs their current electric bill. Switching to solar has many benefits, some immediate, and some realized over the course of owning your system. These benefits include lifetime savings on your energy costs as well as reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The cost of electricity is always on the rise. When you switch to Solar, you own your own generating station. As the electric company raises their rates, your affordable Solar payment stays the same. Once your system is paid in full, you'll continue to generate electricity for your home at no cost! To see how much you can save, lifetime, click here!

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