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Idaho Solar

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Idaho Solar

Idaho has actually become a growing area for individuals changing to residential solar as well as moving away from their old Idaho power bill. Idaho is distinctively positioned to offer Idahoans cost-efficient solar energy. Over the course of a year, residents of Idaho and bordering locations get 206 days of sunlight, making it a bright environment best for Solar power! Idaho likewise has solar-friendly incentives as well as there is a consistent possibility for future energy rate walkings. These variablesand the substantially minimized price of qualitysolar panels make switching to solar in Idaho an extremely attractive option. By switching to Solar lots of consumers in the Idaho area are able to remove their Idaho Power Expenseentirely, which enables them to keep their cost consistent and eliminate worry about future high energy costs. And, there are Solar Warranties available that can cover your solar system for 25-30 years or more. That’s more than two decades of worry-free power. This kind of peace of mind has helped thousands as they switch to Solar.

Sunshine: Powering Sunny Idaho

An excellent reason to transition to Solar in Idaho is that Idaho is a sunny city. Typically in Idaho, solar customers get sunshine for 200+ days per year. The sunny days in Idaho make your solar power system even more productive! Idaho’s high solar power production capability can help decrease and, in many cases, eliminate your existing power bill altogether!

Idaho Tree Cover and Shade

When considering shade and tree cover in Idaho a lot depends on the neighborhood and location of your home. Trees can be a quite large factor in the success of your solar system. If there are high trees and also big branches close to your home, there’s a chance they’ll limit the amount of direct sunshine to your solar panels. Due to the fact that Idaho is near forested areas, it is critical to examine the trees on your residential property and surrounding your residence. If you live in a recently developed neighborhood like Harris Ranchin East Idaho, you’ll likely have smaller trees and for that reason, much more sunlight hitting your panels. In a lot of cases, property owners have the ability to cut trees where they’re blocking sunlight to the residence, and also still obtain the full benefits of solar power. Every home in Idaho is different! To get a free expert consultation on the capacity for solar on your house, call one of our Solar Specialists for a totally free examination today!

Idaho Net Metering & Power Credits

Power companies in Idaho, such as Idaho Power, have an energy-credit system for Solarowners called Net Metering that makes home solar ownership affordable and easy to manage. But what is Net Metering and how does it benefit you as a solar client in Idaho?

The degree of sunshine your home gets can differ throughout the year and there will be seasons when your system will certainly create more power than you need. On the other hand, there will be days when it will create less power than your home needs. So what occurs to the added power on those extra bright and sunny days, and what occurs when there are gloomy days when your power production falls short of what your home needs to generate?

Net Metering is the solution. Net metering gives Solar Customers the capabilityon high-sundays to bank unused power for credit. These store credits that can be used later when youneed them. To put it simply, in months where your home solar system produces extra power,the additional kilowatts feed into the made power grid to be used by other power customers.The added power you contribute acts like a “credit” that you use to help meet your power needson days where you make less power than your home needs.

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Idaho Adopts Independent Clean Energy

The 43rd state has always stood strong and independent. Idaho is home to many independent thinkers with strong values and a belief in preparedness and readiness for an uncertain future. Idahoans and those in Idaho believe in being independent of corruption, bad government, and not being dependent on shaky infrastructure. Switching to solar energy for their power vs paying the power company is just one example. Tens of thousands of residents have already made this switch and have taken the power back. Why be tied to the potential of rising costs from greed and mismanagement when you can now own your own solar generating station? Now you can produce clean and independent power and lock in an affordable electricity payment that will never go up!


Mae and Lee - Virginia


Mae and Lee, a couple from VA saved $7,665 by taking advantage of the federal solar tax credit when they purchased their solar system in 2020

The Cost of Going Solar in Idaho

Solar Installation Process in Idaho

Several variables will influence the specific expense of your home solar station. Tax rebates, incentives, promotions, solar panels, mounting materials, installation, and other variables can all impact the price, of your unique solar panel system, so make sure to work with an expert from Noble Solar. We’re experts in the unique needs of designing and installing Idaho Solar systems. The dimension of your house, type of house, and also size of your roofing system,variety of panels, allowing expenses, as well as federal, state, and local solar benefits will all have an influence on the total real cost. To get a true out-the-door price with all rebates included, call us to schedule a solar consultation with one of our local experts.

To get a true idea of the cost of Solar in Idaho local data is important. Research shows that in 2020, the average cost of a household photovoltaic solar panel system in Idaho averaged between $20,000 to $35,000 after solar tax credits. Of course, every system is different, and prices are always changing in Idaho and other areas where solar is becoming more available. Lots of consumers who set up Solar in Idaho really saved money by switching to solar over their old electricity bill. If you’ve earned a credit score of 650+ and if you have earned over $40K/Year, you have an outstanding possibility to get Solar Funding in Idaho at a great interest rate. When you partner with Noble Solar, we draft a customized plan and proposal for your home, including access to our easy financing options, full projections on your savings, and a sample photo array of your system design.

The solar installment procedure in Idaho is simple and is best executed by a team of trained professionals like Noble Solar. Because Idaho provides an outstanding net-metering program, most citizens choose an on-grid solar energy system. Solar power can be installed year-round in Idaho so call and schedule your appointment today to get clean solar energy flowing throughy our home.

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Switching to Solar in Idaho can be worry-free if you work with a caring professional like NobleSolar. Just start by scheduling a complimentary, 5-minute initial phone appointment with our group of experts. We’ll ask fundamental questions concerning your present electrical power use, the type as well as the size of your house, why you want solar, answer any questions, and listen to any concerns you might have. We’ll likewise walk you through any state-specific programs, help you understand your savings, and provide you a worry-free out-the-door price, with no secrets or hidden fees. Next, we’ll schedule an at-home or digital (Zoom or Skype) consult to provide a much more in-depth analysis of your house and also review equipment, costs, logistics, and what comes next.


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A Solar System for your home or business can vary in cost, but with the energy credits your system produces with the current government incentives, most people can switch to solar without any extra out-of-pocket expense - and many end up saving money immediately vs their current electric bill. Switching to solar has many benefits, some immediate, and some realized over the course of owning your system. These benefits include lifetime savings on your energy costs as well as reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The cost of electricity is always on the rise. When you switch to Solar, you own your own generating station. As the electric company raises their rates, your affordable Solar payment stays the same. Once your system is paid in full, you'll continue to generate electricity for your home at no cost! To see how much you can save, lifetime, click here!

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