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Oregon Solar

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Oregon Solar

Oregon is dedicated to providing clean energy for their citizens which makes it a great place for renewable energy. The amazing rebates available, rising utility costs, and the net metering program in place makes the decision for homeowners in Oregon to go solar an easy one. As the price of fossil fuels continues to rise, utility companies across the U.S. have had to raise their prices to compensate. By going solar you could eliminate your utility bill and instead of facing rising energy rates, you’ll have consistent monthly solar payments that will never go up. Plus, the reliability of Solar has never been better when you consider that there are Solar Warranties of up to 25 years in Oregon so you don’t have to worry about the longevity of your solar system.

Sunshine in Oregon

Many people may not realize it, but Oregon has a decent amount of sunny days with an average of 170 days. It’s capital of Portland receives an average of 144 days, while the eastern city of Burns 214 days of direct sunlight. The number of sunny days in Oregon allows your system to maximize the amount of power it can produce. The amount of power your system produces will be the main factor determining if you can offset your utility bill. Although Oregon is not one of the highest ranking states for sunshine, they have a dedication to improving solar technology that allows for consistent solar power.

Trees and Shading in Oregon

Oregon is known for its lush forests with almost half of the state covered in forested land. Trees can have a big impact on whether a solar system will be successful. Your panels may be shaded by tall trees and large branches near your home; this can limit the amount of sunlight hitting the panels. Because Oregon has a lot of forested areas, it’s important to assess the trees on your property and especially those immediately surrounding your home. Oregon’s forests have over 350 million dead trees still standing, this can make the process of trimming your trees much easier. For homeowners in cities, or new developments, trees will probably not be a big issue due to minimal landscaping. Many customers have been able to trim their trees where they’re causing direct shade to the rooftop of the home. Every home in Oregon is different! To get a final determination to see if your home is a good fit for solar power, contact one of our Solar Experts for a free consultation today!

Oregon Net Metering & Power Credits

Oregon power companies such as Pacific Power have a system in place called Net Metering which makes home solar affordable and easy. But what is Net Metering and how does it help you as a solar customer in Oregon?

Net Metering is a program that keeps track of the amount of power that you consume vs. the amount of power your solar system produces. The amount of sunlight your home collects can vary throughout the year. If it is a very sunny month and your system produces excess energy then that power will flow into the grid to be used by someone else who can use it right then. This overabundance of power you contribute gives you “credits”. These credits can be applied to offset your power consumption in future months when your system may receive enough direct sunlight to completely offset your utility bill.

Another great thing about Oregon is that the government does not increase your property taxes when the value of your home goes up with the installation of your solar system or takes a sales tax on your solar system.

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Oregon Loves Solar Power

Oregon’s power company such as Pacific Power has many state and local rebates available depending on what city you live in such as Oregon’s Solar Electric Incentive Program. Oregon has a law that makes solar systems exempt from property tax increases which means that you can enjoy the benefits of an increased home value without having to pay the increased taxes. As we discussed earlier, the state also has an incredible net metering system in place to save homeowners money throughout the year.


Mae and Lee - Virginia


Mae and Lee, a couple from VA saved $7,665 by taking advantage of the federal solar tax credit when they purchased their solar system in 2020

Cost of Solar in Oregon

Solar Installation Process in Oregon

The cost of a solar energy system is different for every homeowner. There are many factors that will determine the exact cost such as; materials, installation, and labor for your solar energy system, the size of your home, type and size of your roof, energy consumption, the amount of panels, cost of permitting, etc. The federal, state, and local incentives will also have a big impact on the final cost. The only way to know exactly how much solar will cost for your home is by contacting us to receive consultation by a solar expert. We know it can be helpful to get an idea of the local data though: According to EnergySage, the average cost of an installed solar panel system in the state of Oregon is $10,795 to $14,605. Many customers have actually been able to save money by going solar due to the current low financing rates. If you’ve got a credit score over 650 and an income of over $40k/year then you have a really good chance to qualify for solar financing in Oregon. When you work with Noble Solar, we’ll include the cost of labor in our initial quote to make the breakdown as simple as possible.

The installation process for those living in Oregon is similar to the installation process in any other state. Many homeowners choose to stay connected to the grid so that they can benefit from the potential savings of the amazing net metering program that Oregon offers. Solar can be installed year round in Oregon, but we recommend a spring installation date because it ensures that your system will be up and ready to go by the time summer comes around. This also allows installers to avoid a winter installation. The installation process usually takes less than one day to complete but may take longer depending on the size of your system.

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Making the switch to solar in Oregon is as easy as scheduling a free, 5-minute initial phone consultation with our team of specialists to make sure that solar is a good fit for you and your home. We’ll ask you some basic questions about your current electricity consumption, your roof, any possible tree shading, why you’re interested in solar, answer any of your questions, and address any concerns you may have. We’ll see what tax incentives and rebates you are eligible for, so you can save money on your solar system. Next, we’ll set up an in-home or virtual (Zoom or Skype) appointment to perform a more in-depth evaluation of your home and go over equipment, costs, logistics, and next steps.


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A Solar System for your home or business can vary in cost, but with the energy credits your system produces with the current government incentives, most people can switch to solar without any extra out-of-pocket expense - and many end up saving money immediately vs their current electric bill. Switching to solar has many benefits, some immediate, and some realized over the course of owning your system. These benefits include lifetime savings on your energy costs as well as reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The cost of electricity is always on the rise. When you switch to Solar, you own your own generating station. As the electric company raises their rates, your affordable Solar payment stays the same. Once your system is paid in full, you'll continue to generate electricity for your home at no cost! To see how much you can save, lifetime, click here!

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