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Virginia solar power

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Switching to Solar in Virginia

More and more Virginians are switching to Home Solar. Virginia’s sunny climate, solar friendly incentives, and painful rising costs of other power sources have made solar an easy choice. By using solar power, many customers have been able to eliminate their power bill completely, which allows them to not have to worry about the future of rising energy costs. There are also solar warranties of up to 30 years in Virginia. These savings and many other incentives can offer you peace of mind and financial security when looking to make the initial investment of switching to solar power alternatives.

Sunshine in Virginia

A great reason to go solar is that Virginia has a good amount of sunshine. On average, Virginia receives over 200 days of sunshine throughout the year. The capital city of Richmond sees 206 days of direct sunlight, and Virginia Beach has an even more impressive 213 days of sun. The sunny days in Virginia help to maximize the power you can produce in your home solar system, and this power production is what can reduce and even eliminate your existing power bill.

Trees and Shade in Virginia

Depending on where you live, there may be a lot of trees. Trees can factor in to the success of your solar system. If there are tall trees and large branches near your roof, they may limit the amount of direct sunlight your solar panels receive. Because Virginia has a lot of forested areas, it’s important to assess how the trees surrounding your home may affect your accessibility to solar power. If you live in a city or a newer neighborhood in Virginia, you may have fewer trees and therefore less shade hitting your panels. In many cases, homeowners can trim trees where they are causing direct shade to the rooftop of the home and still get all of the benefits of solar power. Every home in Virginia is different, so be sure to contact one of our solar experts for a free consultation and to get a final determination on the potential of solar for your home.

Virginia Net Metering & Power Credits

Virginia power companies, such as Dominion Energy, have a system in place called Net Metering, which makes home solar affordable and easy. The level of sunlight your home receives can vary from week-to-week and month-to-month, and there are times when your system will produce more power than you need and days when it will produce less power than you need. What happens to the extra power that you produce on sunny days, and what happens when there are cloudy days and you need more power than your system can produce? Net Metering is the answer.

Net metering provides Solar Customers the ability to contribute unused power on productive days to the power grid for credit that can be used later. In other words, in months where your system produces more kilowatt hours than you use, the power-overflow flows into the grid to be used by someone else. The extra power you contribute gives you credits, and these credits are applied to your power bill to offset your consumption in future months when you use more energy than your solar array produces.

Virginia’s Net Metering Plan returns a 1-1 credit for every kilowatt your system produces. This means that you will be able to take and use the same amount of power from the grid that you contributed in excess to the grid, and you don’t lose any funds in the power-transfer process!

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Virginia Loves Solar Power

The Old Dominion has become more earth-friendly and eco-conscious, with many Green Certified attractions and clean
energy initiatives – and solar power is one of them. Virginia offers some unique incentives to its residents that make solar
energy especially advantageous. First, Virginia has a law that exempts solar energy equipment from local property taxes,
which means you can increase the value of your home without paying additional taxes to do so. Second, the state offers
a commendable net metering program that allows homeowners with solar panels to receive a full-price credit for the energy
they generate, which is applied to each bill. Any surplus accrued during each 12-month billing cycle may be carried over
indefinitely, or homeowners may choose to sell the electricity back to the utility provider at the end of the 12-month period.


Mae and Lee - Virginia


Mae and Lee, a couple from VA saved $7,665 by taking advantage of the federal solar tax credit when they purchased their solar system in 2020

Cost of Solar in Virginia

Solar Installation Process in Virginia

Many different variables will influence the exact cost of materials, installation, and labor for your solar panel system. The size of your home, type and size of your roof, number of panels, permitting costs, and federal, state, and local incentives will all have an impact on the final, true cost of your solar investment. The only way to know exactly how much solar will cost for your home is by contacting us to receive an expert solar consultation, though it can be helpful to get an idea of cost by comparing regional data. According to EnergySage, as of 2020, the average cost to install residential solar panels in Virginia ranged from $12,325 to $16,675 after solar tax credits. When financed at the current low rates, many customers who installed Solar in Virginia actually saved money by going solar compared to their old power bill. If you have a credit score of over 650 and a household income of over $40,000 a year, you have an excellent chance to qualify for solar financing. When you work with Noble Solar, we will include the cost of labor in our initial quote to make the breakdown as simple as possible.

The solar installation process in Virginia is no more complex than in any other state. In fact, because Virginia offers an excellent net metering program, most residents choose a grid-tied solar energy system as opposed to a battery-reliant, or “off-grid”, system. Solar can be installed almost year-round in the Commonwealth thanks to a mild climate; however, we recommend reaching out to a provider as soon as the weather warms up in order to accommodate a summer or fall installation date.

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Getting started with solar in Virginia is as simple as scheduling a free, 5-minute initial phone consultation with our team of specialists. We’ll ask basic questions about your current electricity usage, the type and size of your home, and why you’re interested in solar. We can answer any of your questions and address any concerns you may have. We’ll also walk you through Virginia’s incentive programs so you understand your savings potential and an idea of the total cost. Next, we’ll schedule an in-home or virtual (Zoom or Skype) appointment to perform a more in-depth evaluation of your home and go over equipment, costs, logistics, and next steps.

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A Solar System for your home or business can vary in cost, but with the energy credits your system produces with the current government incentives, most people can switch to solar without any extra out-of-pocket expense - and many end up saving money immediately vs their current electric bill. Switching to solar has many benefits, some immediate, and some realized over the course of owning your system. These benefits include lifetime savings on your energy costs as well as reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The cost of electricity is always on the rise. When you switch to Solar, you own your own generating station. As the electric company raises their rates, your affordable Solar payment stays the same. Once your system is paid in full, you'll continue to generate electricity for your home at no cost! To see how much you can save, lifetime, click here!

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